I have worked with Glory Days on a collaborative project dedicated to two of their senior members and was impressed by the dedication and desire to bring joy to the elders, create a safe and fun environment and the love of their volunteers. The concept of not only caring for the seniors in a way that stands out in their daily routines but also give their caregivers the break they need to refresh is unique and admirable. It should be supported among those serving our seniors as it nurtures a better senior-caregiver relationship and provides the elders with fun and creative activities to do. The people that I have met working within Glory Days are individuals who dedicate their time to this cause and are friendly and kind. They treat the members with respect and utmost admiration for each life story the seniors share during time at Glory Days. I not only recommend the program to seniors but also urge those in a position to support the cause to consider doing it.

-Valeriya Nedeva- Butler

 I am SO happy that Glory Days provides solutions for seniors and their families! I work helping people find home care or senior living, but when the best fit is a day program for seniors- Glory Days is perfect! I’ve know Chelsea for many years. Her caring work with seniors clearly comes from the heart.

-Heather Hildreth

Glory Days is so wonderful! Every time I have visited, Chelsea makes sure all are engaged and content. She has the best activities for the seniors every week, and is so creative with her engagement. I highly recommend this program!

-Chelsea Zazueta

Very compassionate, highly experienced director!
I’ve worked in healthcare since I was 14 years old. Started as a volunteer. Worked many years as a CNA and RN. Currently a family nurse practitioner. That would be over 30 years...but who is counting. 🙂
You just know when a caregiver “has it”. They see it as a vocation and not a job. Ms. Chelsea’s smile lights up a room. She knows many people and has an abundance of connections to make this program extraordinary.
I can’t thank Ms. Chelsea and her helpers enough for all the top-notch care she has provided for our mother.
Highly recommend Glory Days! Life-changing not only for the clients but their beloved families as well.
- Susie Scott